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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Technology's effects

By Leanka Henry

Technology is good and it is bad the sense of communication, research and entertainment.

With communication, we can interact with families and friend and family from near and far countries. For communication we can use devices such as the telephone/ cellular phone, and the internet (facebook, msn). With the internet you can carry out large businesses that use the internet to store large copies of important documents.

Despite the advantages of technology, there are several disadvantages that are followed such as addiction.
Addiction is known as a habit or custom that is difficult to get rid of. Another is distraction, which is when you cannot focus on your work and doing the thing you like most such as being on your BBM or facebook.

Effect of technology can be very harmful to the human body. Listening to music at a high volume can damage your eardrums. Another is surfing the internet. This can be dangerous mostly to teenagers, in the way of teenagers searching porn sites. This can lead to youths have sex at a very young age and lead to the circumstances of low self- esteem or H.I.V.
In my opinion, technology is useful and it is also dangerous but you have to know how to and how not to use it.

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