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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good use of technology


    BY Abisha France                                        

          Technology is a gadget or anything that is use to make life easier in modern days. It is has a great effect on young people today and can be dangerous sometimes. It may have effects on adults to.
          Some examples of technology are computers, games, vehicles, television, cell phones, internet and music players.
         Computers have a great effect on young people today. Most children use computers and the internet to do many things. Some use it for homework, for future jobs so they must learn how to use it for it is useful. As of today children at secondary schools do subject that deals with computers which is information technology.
          How ever there are bad effects of computers. When we around   computers for a very long time   especially in the night it may cause our eyes to strain which may cause eye problem. Our youth today tense to love the internet and join certain web pages like facebook and twitter etc. Which they join because their friends or other people are joining them. This may cause our youth today to get distracted from school and become addicted. The internet may also cause violence and crimes. Someone may post up a lie on the internet about you which is gossip. That person may get so angry willing to fight that’s where violence comes in. Also young people interesting in dating may meet someone on the internet who may have asked them to meet them some where at a certain time or place. They may have come but you did not expected to meet someone really older than you. They may kidnapped or rape then kill you that’s where crime comes in.
           There are all kind of games today for our youth. There are fashion games and brain teasing games. Fashion games may help us look forward for our future jobs like fashion designers, seamtress or tailors. Brain teasing games helps our youth  to work their brain, to see how smart you are and increasing their knowledge.
          Television is a good  device because it gives us news that is happening  around  the world; regionally and internationally. It can use to entertain us like comedy movies.
           How ever televisions can also strain the eyes if we are to close to it for long tome.
           Cell phones have a great effect in communicating. Communicating is very good for us to communicate with our love ones and friends faster than by letter writing and good also for jobs.
            How ever cell phones have bad effect I heard on the news that a lady almost died because of  “cell phones .” She was  walking with her husband and son when she received a text message. She began walking and texting  not noticing how close she was at the edge of a wall where water was below. It was very steep and the water was far down. As she took one step back she fell into the water. Her cell phone was destroyed and she almost died. Her son and husband jumped down to help her but the still needed help and was rescued by coast guards.
           Music players can be very useful for young people today. Some young people find music calms them down and entertains them as well.
           However music players may cause some young people to want it although their parents cannot afford it and some may involve themselves in homosexuality and prostitution. The purpose of the music players is to play music so certain young people today listen music with negative influence and may loose focus of their school work and become very disrespectful.
             We need technology but again we can live without it. We need it for money. More teachers are employed when they teach information technology.
         Companies that sell music players and cell phones make money. Cell phones are more reliable in terms of its accuracy when communicating rather than writing a letter for instance your relative may die and your brother and sister are over seas and did not know about the death. Using cell phones you can tell them within less than five minutes. We need transportation to reach our destinations whether its school.
           We can live without computers and the internet and use our resources at the library and even in books at home.
 Instead of playing games on a device we can play hand games and book games example puzzles which help to develop the brain and keep it active.
             In my opinion technology is definitely useful like cell phones vehicles and the internet but our use of it determines the outcome. The internet is not really necessary but school children today have assignments that they may need to research on the internet for. Children should however be supervised while using the internet to avoid the use of pornographic website.
        Cell phones should be used only for communicating and not in the streets unless it’s an emergency.

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