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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A child has a right to be heard

Lifestyle Choices

Hello, I would like to ask a question posed especially to the youths of today that are about to read this important message being sent abroad. My question is, how would you feel if you saw two guys or two boys kissing in a corner right in front of your eyes or holding hands walking together in public?
         Definitely in your young youthful minds you’ll say that it is wrong, unpleasant, or the word gay comes to mind.
Well being aware of the truth that it is wrong and there is a word we use to describe this nature it is Homosexuality.
Homosexuality is described as being sexually attracted to people of the same sex meaning two men or boys or two females attracted to each other. I know you might think it is ok with two females and not males, but young girls and ladies let me tell you this; you are not escaping any of the risks that apply to you along with the consequences.
The HIV virus can still be caught even in this way and you are more likely to get infected to the other diseases such as herpes, syphilis and many other along the line but just to name a few.
Let’s go back to the beginning of time shall we. Answer this question, who did God make to watch over the Garden of Eden? Yes God made Adam and saw he was lonely and created a being from one of Adam’s ribs and brought forth a woman called Eve; so god made a woman for a man and we all know this is true right? Yes, yes it is so God did not make a man for a man and a woman for a woman and we all say amen.
Factors affecting and influencing our young people today are right before our eyes and two of them are technology and media. These can all be helpful if not abused and misused.  Out of a 100% there is always a high percentage chance of 85-90% of our young people will come across a pornography or sexual website or get a hold of these media product. The famously known celebrity figure singers such as Movado, Kartel and Popcaan have contributed to bringing back styles and fashions such as the Clarks, the pencil-foot pants and “the jamaicey”, but these are all popular through out the Caribbean especially the pencil foot pants which can be worn in the extreme. Young men I advise you in this. There is a saying that says the way you dress tells a lot about your character and who you are. If you dress in a tight pencil foot pants and a tight jersey like what some of you young men wear a lot sometimes and wearing it in the extreme and letting the pants being a bit too tight or close with hardly any room to move about freely it is not sending a good message to the public. There are people who would after immediately seeing you would suggest that you’re a homosexual or that you’re gay. I’m not saying that you should be judgmental at times towards the people you see dressing this way because you can never tell by looking. All of these factors and facts I mentioned would lead to consequences such as just by being a homosexual you would be neglected from the public finding it hard to ever fit in to such a life. This also affects job opportunities, your life and your situations to become a bit worse.
Some countries have accepted these terms, laws and regulations but the inequality is very far from others. It is even stated that homosexuals can get married because they allowed marriage between them. You may and might say that if these countries accepted it then it must be a good thing, right? Wrong, so another question to ask yourselves my youths is, if a country says that is OK to kill every new born and every child in a country or to eat food with poison does this means that it is OK? Of course not what is wrong my youthful people is wrong I’m not saying or promoting this message to discourage, frighten or make you feel uncomfortable but nothing more than to let you be aware of the facts and how we can deal with this obscenely thing affecting the world today.
If you’re a Christian the Bible says and does tell us factual truth about this and how wrong it is even God had destroyed people of such an act he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah of this same resentful act. We are were made in this word for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to live and shine bright for Jesus Christ our Lord God and savior and he wants us to live according to his words, the Bible and his commandments in order to be accepted in to his kingdom. Although there are youths and young people who may be reading this are living a homosexual life I urge you to be calm about it is still ok because there are solutions. Remember that God says to confess and offer up your sins to him and he will forgive you of them. Just because some people doesn’t believe in God doesn’t mean He isn’t there so just always have faith so prayer would be one of them. God doesn’t want anyone to face a problem or a change alone so ask God for guidance, strength and the will to overcome your problems he’s always there for you when you need him. There are also private and public counselors that can help you in this big change so never be afraid of change because change is good some times. There could be programs associated in helping you with this and where you’re more comfortable with someone your comfortable talking you  so my young people of tomorrow escape from the public discrimination, confusion, peer pressure, influenced from medias, sexual abuses and experimenting what you see on pornography sites and medias etc. I would honestly tell you the truth that thee are many ways and many reasons why people become homosexuals many, many reasons but the biggest thing is to be ready for a big change a change of heart ready for a new life  that you would be living abundantly. So I urge you not to be judgmental about the people you meet out there I will repeat again you can never tell by looking. The people you meet out there you don’t know how they got their possessions some just chose a homosexual life but don’t be afraid to be a helpful friend in mind and offer up your advice to let them know they can change so no one isn’t born a homosexual. God hate these abnormal people such as homosexuals so he would make someone in this image that he displeases to his eye sight. Remember be a good friend, don’t be afraid of change and live you life right. I thank you for sparing and sharing a few moments with me to understand homosexuality and its pursuers, followers and its victims I thank you by Orlando Rouse.
By Orlando Rouse

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