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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Music Brainwashing Youths?

BY Janielle Browne
        The music industry is one of the most powerful and effective industries in our world today. Music dates back all the way to B.C. years. There are many genres such as pop, gospel, reggae, blues, rock, dancehall, soca, and the list goes on. No two sectors are the same, they may be similar in some instances but NOT identical. With all these differing types of music it may be safe to conclude that everyone is a music junkie at heart. This being said, we must now take a look into the music industry, at the people who create and sing the songs.
          What goes on in the minds of music producers and singers? Do they wish the message they convey to be positive or negative? It is almost impossible to tell due to the unique qualities of the human mind. No two minds think alike therefore leaving room for different interpretations of lyrics.
          Music can either have a positive or negative effect on youths. One advantage of music is that it is an excellent way to pass time. Music is a key form of entertainment and has been for numerous years. Not only can you pass time listening to and dancing to it, you can also write music.
          Music can also be manipulated into a learning device. Placing lessons to music and a tune in the form of a song has been proven to be an excellent learning method. It makes the material easier to relate to, remember and enjoy.
          Music can also inspire and steer young people to pursue a career in the music industry.
          One may argue that music promotes the opposition to knowledge; which leads the young people to become obtuse and unlearnt.
Some forms of music contain derogatory comments concerning women. Some lyrics are also pure nonsense that can neither harm nor do well to the listeners.
          The solution to dealing with negative music affecting youths is to find ways to occupy themselves constructively. If they have work to do there is no time to daydream and about getting rich overnight or be influenced by music artist telling them negative ways to do so. We can also promote gospel music and find new ways of making it exciting and interesting for youths.
          Basically, music can be both positive and negative. It all depends on who you are, what you like and where you come from. There is no real way to control what is produced but you CAN filter what you listen to.
                                                                             Janielle Browne

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