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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The effects of technology on young people

By Jamali Jarvis

What is technology? Technology is any device that we use to do certain things. We as humans use technology every day to complete task or just have fun.
In St. Vincent we have many different forms of technology, such as television, desktop computers, laptops, MP3s, iPods, iPads, Kindles and cell phones especially the Blackberry. With technology we can do mostly whatever we please whether it’s in a game or on our phones. There are many games which allow us to live another life or be whatever we want. On our phones we are able to message or talk to people that could be miles away. Technology can also be car’s and mini buses which we use daily to get to our desired destinations.
            Technology has many advantages. To name a few, there are: better communication, research information, news and entertainment. Better communication is important so we could keep in touch with friends and loved ones and stay up to date. The advantage of research helps us in school work and increases our knowledge. News and entertainment can help us keep ahead in all the latest trends such as fashion.
There are as many disadvantages as there are advantages -- gossip, distraction from school work, health problems and other social problems. I would like to start with gossip. Gossip could be anything but mostly it’s negative. Gossip is also rumors which are not true and can badly damage people. Gossip and rumors can be quickly spread through Blackberrys and Facebook . Technology has a way of being a distraction to children and even big people. Children are often distracted by cell phones which sometimes take over their school work. And for adults they could be driving and texting which could cause a fatal accident. Health problems through technology  are caused  by continued looking  at the screen of a phone, computer or TV which can damage the brain and eyes.
People who don’t have the money to buy a phone  or computer would often sell drugs or have sex for money instead of getting a job. When they do this, other social problems are formed, including stealing, pregnancy, drug abuse and violence.
I think that some people are better off without technology which is not very important because people from long ago did not have it and they succeeded without it, so can the children of this present time.

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