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Thursday, April 5, 2012

To be or not to be

By Nelisha Balcombe

The act homosexuality has raised the discussion among our youths; is homosexuality wrong? What causes it? How can it be dealt with?
   Homosexuality, which is the romantic sexual attraction or behaviour between members of the same sex or gender, is wrong!
 I take you to the book of Romans chapter 1, verses 25and 26; yes quoted in scriptures evidentially that God made men for women and any one that goes the opposite he will give them over to a reprobate mind, to do those which are not convenient, for those who commit such things are worthy of death. Youths, the world is sweet for you today do you want to face that penalty? Yes God made Adam and Eve; it was never Adam and Steve.
   It is stated that persons that are homosexuals are born that way. Youths do not let Lady Gaga brainwash you with the thought that they were born that way. I strongly disagree because my research tells me it can be caused by emotional and physical problems. First of all let’s look at the first one
      One of the most reason today why youths especially men having sex with men is because of materialism. Their eyes ‘get long’ when there are stuff like blackberry, mp3, Clarks and all sort of stuff, you don’t get these and you’re a considered to be a “non human-being”. The boys can’t afford it but wants to keep up with the trend and they want to be the center of attention, so that others will ask them at school “ah wey yo get dah new clarks dey darddy” he wants money in the pocket to keep up with the “shotta” life, and tends to go all out to have it just for “popularity”.
Their mother or father doesn’t have in so instead he gives himself away to other guys.
  Music plays a vital part in youth of today that influences them to take part in homosexuality, Girls having favorite role models artist like Britney spears and Madonna kissing each other bringing them to be copycats whatever those artist do they do it also. Katy Perry Singing “I kissed a girl and I like it” clearly gives Girls the “OK to go and experiment, turns out it’s not only kissing but it’s what happens next.
Parental figure…a youth growing up without a father or any male parenting of any sort, as he grow up he never had that experience of fatherly love so he builds that desire to be loved by a man, and because of lack of the experience as a result he becomes a homosexual. This tells us it happens because of how he was brought up.
   Sexual abuse is another aspect  because that itself can mess up with a persons mind making he/she feels confused as to what gender they should pursue or is accustom too. A male/female relatives or even a friend introducing teenagers by taking advantage of them engaging them in sexual activities those teenagers now becomes victims because they were welcome by that feeling and goes publicly thinking its “OK” and take away the innocence of others of the same sex that method is called adapting and therefore it becomes a motto that is hard to restrain from.
   Youths who had experiences with the opposite sex because they are young come to the conclusion that, maybe this isn’t for them. The boys comes to despise women and vise-versa, then he/she comes into intimate contact with the same sex who has the same problem starts comforting each other, spending quality time both becomes attach and feel ‘happy’.

   Youths who are reading this or even those of you young people who are homosexuals, do you ever take the time to study how it can affect your lives, your future even your family? This act can cause depression, always have to be thinking “what do I do? No one is going to accept me for this. I will be the center of attention.” They get so depressed and confused that they become suicidal and may even take their own lives.
   Nobody likes the feeling of being rejected because of their status. Think about you being rejected from getting a job, the career you always wanted just because of this homosexuality. It becomes frustrating because you can’t be independent and things get rough.
   Your friends at school despise you. At church, the members wouldn’t want to sit down next to you because you’re considered “unclean”.
 Youths would you like to face these consequences? Would you like your friends to go through all this pain?
   My youths, there is not a single person in this world who was born a homosexual. Pray without ceasing for the Bibles says “With Him ALL things are possible.” Go to a counselor or a therapist where you are more comfortable expressing yourself, they would listen and understand and help carry you down the right path.
I have known of friends who were homosexual at the end of the prayer, counseling and support, they are now asking themselves “what was I thinking?”
The devil is a liar”.
Remember no one is born a homosexual. It is never too late so please take my advice.

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