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Monday, August 29, 2011

WATCH: "Get Up Stand Up" (Drama) - Right to protection

Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child gives children the right to protection from violence, abuse and exploitation. In "Get Up Stand Up", from the "Tigers" production group at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Adolescent Media Network, teens speak through drama of our determination not to be silent victims of child sexual abuse. Watch "Get up Stand Up" here.

WATCH: "Moment for Life" (Drama) - A Right to Privacy

We at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Adolescent Media Network are determined to assert teenagers' rights to privacy while stamping out bullying at school. In this video produced by the "Warriors" group at an Adolescent Media Training Workshop, "Moment for Life" highlights the right to privacy and the effect the mishandling of information can have on fellow teens lives - forever. Watch "Moment for Life" here.

WATCH: Child Protection (news report)

The SVNN - "St Vincent News Network" - crew tackle the issue of child sexual abuse head on. This issue was one of the key concerns dealt with when the SVG Adolescent Media Network created short videos on the main issues confronting teenagers in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Watch here.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Video: From the SVG Adolescent Media Training Workshop

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Help Eliminate Abuse Please (H.E.A.P) By Maria Browne

Today I am talking about child abuse.
The most important point I want to raise is that adults are abusing children they are destroying a child’s future.
You are hurting them if you touch them inappropriately, call them names, beat them and harass them.
Child abuse can destroy a child’s self-confidence, and cause emotional distress.
Child abuse is trampling on the rights of a child and an abused child can end up in the hospital or even six feet under.
How will you like if someone abused you?
When you abuse a child, you can go to prison. I think if you abuse a child and you get charged, you should spend a life time in prison because of all the pain you would have cause that child.
Children, if you are being abused, please go to an official, the police or go to the human rights centre.


(H.E.A.P) Help Eliminate Abuse Please - by Lexie Selman

Can you imagine the emotional and psychological distress, along with the physical pain you cause when you abuse someone?
Child abuse is any constant verbal, physical, emotional or sexual contact which results in an individual being hurt.
The rate of child sex abuse has been increasing here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
According to the Criminal Investigation Department in 2008 there were 202 reported sexual involving children related offences and those are only the reported ones.
Child abuse can hurt in a number of ways; however I prefer to point out the most important instances:
Child abuse may result in low self-esteem, emotional distress, and suicidal thoughts and in some cases death at the hands of the abuser.
Child abuse is wrong because it is trampling on the rights of a child who has the right to be happy and protected at all times.
If you are arrested, charged and convicted of child sex abuse you can and should be imprisoned.
Whether you believe it or not, child abuse can be stopped; but you must tell someone you trust and who can help you.
If one person doesn’t listen, continue to tell.
If you as an abuser feel guilty and wish to stop, you should also tell someone trustworthy and give you the help you need.
I suggest to you as an abuser to work along with us to Help Eliminate Abuse Please (H.E.A.P), because by abusing a child you are destroying someone’s future.
Lexie Selman (16)

H.E.A.P. (Help Eliminate Abuse, Please)- By: Tishorn Smart

          Physical abuse is a term that can be defined as any contact intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, or suffering.
Abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal is a problem that is on the increase. The effects of child abuse on children can last a lifetime.
Some of the effects of physical abuse are: minor cuts and bruises, broken bones, swollen limbs, internal bleeding, cancers etc. There are also psychological or emotional effects such as depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, suicidal attempts, difficulty establishing and maintaining relations and even death.
Child abuse is totally wrong because the rights of the child are being violated.
Children have the right to be protected from all types of abuse, and abusers are breaking the law when they abuse a child.
They can end up going to prison.
Once a child is known to be abused there are certain steps the police or the government should take.
They should remove the abused child from the household and place them into protective custody (in a group, home or foster care, if necessary).
For the abuser, I recommend a long jail sentence.
A victim of child abuse can help stop the abuse by speaking out and get help.
Support groups and centers where abused children can get counseling.
Also, adults should be aware that silence is not consent, and they should be doing what is in the best interest of the child by caring for them instead of abusing them.
          The abuse of child has harmful and long lasting effects and negative consequences for all which includes both the abuser and the child and for this reason child abuse should stop.

H.E.A.P - By Washington Winsboro


Child abuse is when a child or children are neglected by their loved ones. For example, in the Caribbean most parents abuse their children by beating them. Some abuse their children by having them use their bodies. This has led to a situation where we have “street children”, as children move to the streets in an   effort to avoid bad treatment at home.
                                                   Why is abuse wrong?
Abuse is wrong because parents should show they children more love and respect so that they will grow up to be a better person in society.
 If a parent does not show the children respect they will end up bad in life. They can end up doing the same thing to their child.
Children, you can stop abuse by telling your teacher or someone you trust and who can help you.

H.E.A.P (Help Eliminate Abuse Please) by Zoya Charles (16)

Child abuse is any emotional or physical pain which is caused by an individual on a child.
Stop the child abuse; you are destroying a child future by hurting that child.
Abuse is wrong because it really hurts and it could make that person feel bad about themselves.
You can stop sexual abuse by not touching children inappropriately.
When a person is emotionally abused they can deface their bodies.
If you are an abuser you can go to prison for abusing a child so I suggest you stop immediately and confess it to someone trustworthy,  however you must also be aware and bear your consequences.
And to a victim, when you experience any form of abuse, you should tell someone - maybe a counsellor a pastor or even a police officer.