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Friday, August 26, 2011

H.E.A.P (Help Eliminate Abuse Please) by Zoya Charles (16)

Child abuse is any emotional or physical pain which is caused by an individual on a child.
Stop the child abuse; you are destroying a child future by hurting that child.
Abuse is wrong because it really hurts and it could make that person feel bad about themselves.
You can stop sexual abuse by not touching children inappropriately.
When a person is emotionally abused they can deface their bodies.
If you are an abuser you can go to prison for abusing a child so I suggest you stop immediately and confess it to someone trustworthy,  however you must also be aware and bear your consequences.
And to a victim, when you experience any form of abuse, you should tell someone - maybe a counsellor a pastor or even a police officer.

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