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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Effects of the music industry on youths

Effects of the music industry on youths
 By Kyle James

Music is a universal thing, it lives through the generations, it started long ago as beating drums and singing. There are many different forms such as hip hop, soca, R&B, Gospel and many more.
Music influences many youths, for some youths they cannot go a day without listening to music because it has become an important thing in their lives. Music influences people in many different ways such as it may lead you into violence, suicidal thoughts, or it can also help you.
Some of the most influential people in the music industry are carrying music down into a black hole. Music back in the days was loved by everyone because it related to them in some way, but now the music we listen to promotes violence and sex and other things. In the Caribbean some of the biggest artists like Vybz Kartel, Popcaan and Movado have the biggest influences on the youths. Most of their songs speak about violence, discriminating women and sex, it puts images in the mind of the youths as women useless clothes and you can wear them and throw them down when you’re finished. All this violence, sex and other things sung by the musicians are corrupting the minds of the youths who will lead the world in the future.
This teaches us about inappropriate stuff such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. It teaches the young people that weed and the other drugs are OK.
The only way you can get away from the negativity is by trying to listen to gospel songs. Finding different activities to pass time instead of music, and sharing things with other friends and have fun.              

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