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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homsexuality and young people

 By Sulani Roberts
I do believe that it is possible for males and females to experience strong sexual love and care deeply for members of their same sex, but that does not change the fact that it is fundamentally wrong.
We live in a homophobic society. A society where, two men are not allowed to sit together in the passenger seats at the front of a bus, a society where male “closeness” is frowned upon. However, this homophobia seems to be directed only at the male populace since it is more socially acceptable for females to be close and “touchy-touchy”. From my observations, homosexuality is no longer viewed as an abominable sin among our youths; instead it seems to be more of an alternative option of sexuality or a means of getting easy money or material gain.
On my day to day travels out into our small society, I have noticed that the interaction of our young people amongst themselves has changed. In my day, it was quite normal for young women to walk about arm in arm and holding hands while the young men maintained a comfortable distance from each other. Presently, it has gone past that. Young women are no longer merely holding hands but are now touching each other intimately in public. On more than one occasions, I have seen school girls, in uniforms, in public places touching each other on the chest area and groping at other private areas, while the school boys look on jeering vulgar words of encouragement. This has led me to believe that the young ladies are not engaging in same sex sexual activities because they are indeed “gay” but because they believes it defines them as a sexual being and makes them more appealing to the members of the opposite sex. The media also plays a big part in the influence of our young women towards same sex intimacy. On a daily basis, our youths are being bombarded with images and scenes of “girl on girl action” on the television and internet, often portrayed by their favorite celebrities and icons. As a result of this, same sex intimacy among females is now viewed by our young people as not only acceptable but good.
The influence of the young men differs from that of the young ladies because it has never been and probably will never be acceptable for guys to be intimate with each other in our society. Despite this, homosexuality among men seems to be a rising trend. From what I have gathered, the older men of our society are enticing the younger men into homosexual activities with promises of money and expensive material things. The young men now look at this as an opportunity for easy money and would engage in these discreet sexual acts with men in order to “floss” the latest gears.
In my opinion, young people who truly believe that they are homosexuals would not be comfortable with openly advertising their status in this sort of opposing society. Their sexual orientation would not be the result of the media, a need for attention or material gain. Rather, it would be the result of some kind of sexual, emotional or mental abuse or confusion, or the lack of self worth or self confidence with members of the opposite sex or even a misguided view on love and intimacy. However, regardless of how acceptable and legal homosexuality become in societies, it is and would remain wrong and sinful until the end of our world as we know it.

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