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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Techno Info


 By Bridgette Pierre

      Technology include the use of electronic devices used for many different things. We use different forms of technology such as: computers, ipods, cell phones, mp3 etc. These devices benefit us in a lot of different ways, such as us making us able to communicate with persons in different parts of the world through the use of cell phones and computers. We are also able to listen to music, watch news, and get entertainment through ipods, psp, and ipads. Children also use the internet to do research for projects, homework or just for their own benefits.
     There are also a lot of disadvantages to technology. Some of these are:
Distractions- children are being distracted by facebook, games, and porn.
Face book- this is a distraction because children spend more time on face book than they spend doing their homework.
Games- they are distractions because children get addicted to them and this may cause health problems like you may go partially blind and would need glasses.
Porn- it’s distractive because it causes your hormones to act up which causes you to want to have sex. This may cause you to go out and have sex at a very young age which may cause teenage pregnancy and a spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs.
     I think technology is good, it helps us to get work done faster and it is also bad because it causes a lot of addictions (to drugs and cites) and distractions. Some solutions to these problems are: limit the amount of time you spend on the computer and cellphone.
                                    Don’t get too addicted to online games and music.
                                    Stay away from pornography cites.

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