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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Help Eliminate Abuse Please By Janel Jarvis

Sunrise 16th June, 1994
Sunset 2nd March, 2003
Gone to soon, Rest in Peace

That’s what little nine year old Joan John’s tombstone read.
It all started five years ago at the age of four.
Susan, Joan’s mother married to Tom and then it all began.  Tom sexually abused Joan, and after that, he would physically abuse her so she won’t tell her mother and if he got angry for anything even if Joan did nothing.
Scared and confused, Joan had no clue what was going on in her own little world; all she knew was that it was wrong and she was being hurt. 
But because she was scared and afraid she kept it to herself; her friends could no longer touch or talk to her. 
Miss Jack, her class teacher, became very concerned and tried investigating the matter, but Joan remained silent. She then tried to come in contact with Susan, but Susan refused to see or speak to her.
Every time, the abuse got worse.
Then one day, Tom repeated his regular routine with Joan.  After he was through having sex with her, he went in his room to watch cricket, but his team lost.  He became so angry; he went into Joan’s room where she was trying to play with her toys.  Tom raged got the best of him and he took her up and began beating her and threw her to the floor and she hit her head.
Joan was now on the ground fighting for life.
She lost.
If Joan had only spoken to her teacher maybe she would have been alive today. 
If you are being abused, or know anyone who is being abused, there is always someone you can talk to. 
If you are abusing your child or step-child there is someone one who can help you. 
Your life or someone’s life may be at risk if you remain silent. 
Speak up; Stand up for your rights.
                                                Help stop and reduce Child Abuse.

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