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Thursday, May 17, 2012

H.E.A.P - By Meisha Gumbs

 Cancel Child abuse!
       Put a stop to child abuse
When you abuse a child you are making them feel miserable and hurt, and that child’s life would be affected in negative ways.
Child abuse hurts the child by destroying his or her self-esteem, their potential to do good things and their confidence. This can make the victim feel like they are not important and could cause them to attempt to do wrong things and hurt themselves.
     It is wrong to abuse children because the abuser is destroying the child’s life and is putting them at a disadvantage to have a happy childhood.
      I strongly believe that a stop can be put to child abuse.
      I would like more serious consequences to be brought on abusers.  I think that child abusers should be charged a fine and also be placed in prison for twice the time they are given.

                                                                                        Meisha Gumbs

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