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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ackward Reality

By Lenecia Johnson

I closed my eyes feeling drenched in tiredness, rubbing one of the buttons on my waist coat.  Soon there was just the residue of sound brushing across my ears.  My mind sunk deeper and deeper leaving everything silenced but my heart beat.  After 10 minutes, there was a gut wrenching scream and the smell of blood, and now my feet were 2 seconds apart running past cubicles, and there was no question that the scream came from my friend Jennifer.  I hid in one of the cubicles under the desk, hugging my feet, silently breathing rapidly hoping no one, meaning the killer or at least I thought it was a killer, would find me.
          All hope left when a pair of feet appeared by the desk.  I could tell that he knew I was there, because he smelt my fear.  The desk suddenly flipped and crashed into the other cubicles around it.  He said my name, but it was no longer the voice of the one I loved.  Instead, to me, it was the voice of a killer.  The last echo left with the loudest finish when he said my name.  It shook me out of my sleep and I was with reality again. No wonder it was so strange, I was dreaming.  When I looked up, I saw the familiarity of a kitchen, then I remember that I was in the lunch room at work, feeling drenched with tiredness, and I had closed my eyes drifting into deep sleep.  I went downstairs, adrenaline rushing and my heart pumping, no longer a slave to sleep and tiredness.

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