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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Children you have the right to be protected from all abuse!!! By Noela Gurley

Adults: abusing your child or children won’t solve any problems; it only creates more problems.  
Abuse is any sexual, verbal, emotional, or physical contact that may result in the hurting of a child.                                                                                    
When you abuse a child you are destroying that child’s chance of enjoying their childhood; They lose that special  time of their life.
You are trampling that child’s rights and may put that child through emotional distress and destroy their self-esteem.
The child may no longer find life worth living, and because of the hurt the child may find it difficult to trust others and also cause them to hurt their bodies and seek love in the wrong places
To every action there is a reaction!
For the abuser, child abuse has its consequences: you can end up in prison.
Child abuse needs to be stopped.
The victims of child abuse need to speak out, it’s not okay to just sit and allow child abuse to take place. You can talk to someone you trust.

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